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The process is not as overwhelming as you might imagine. It is my job to make this as expeditious, fun.......and profitable as possible for you.


My experience, knowledge of the local market, and familiarity with current standards are resources that give you the competitive edge when selling your home or another property.






We'll meet and discuss:

/ Why you are selling and how realistic your
expectations are.


 / How the entire process works; from the preliminary needs assessment to
the final settlement of the sale.


/ What your priorities are as the Seller; price, time, convenience.


/ Where you want to live next, and how that affects our Marketing Plan.


/ How and why I do more than most Realtors in helping you achieve your goals.


There are many factors that go into the proper marketing and selling of your property. Some of these factors are beyond your control and some are completely controlled by the decisions you'll be making.




First, I have to visit and tour the property with my Staging and Design associate, James. This will help us make specific recommendations on how to best present your home to prospective buyers.


We will assess and recommend cost-effective methods to best "stage" your property. This may entail addressing long-overlooked repairs or "de-cluttering", painting or making other improvements and upgrades.


Like every other seller, you'll want your property to be the most appealing one that any Buyer visits. Of course, getting your home "dressed for success" is a collaborative process!

We know that you'll be balancing our suggestions against the realities of your fix-up budget, your available time and your desire to get the best possible price.

In any event, we're working toward our mutual goal of showing your home to it's best advantage, based on the standards of today's Buyers.




We will need to formalize our Realtor/Client relationship by reviewing and executing a standard "Listing Agreement" as well as some other legal documents to comply with Federal and local laws.




I will recommend the "right" price, designed to maximize the potential for multiple offers and, of course, to maximize your ultimate profit. I will do this by using a multi-faceted approach:


/ Price Trend Analysis, based on historical data


/ Comparable recent sales in your area


/ Price per- square-foot


/ Current supply and demand


/ Analysis of current economic conditions (such as Mortgage rate trends) as it affects pricing decisions and supply/demand equations


/ Adjustments for incurable deficiencies or unique attributes


/ Property condition and presentation after any necessary repairs or improvements have been completed




I'll be developing an extensive plan to market your home to it's best advantage. All marketing materials are customized to highlight the particular character of your property, and will include, at minimum;


/ Print advertising in the Washington Post and local newspapers


/ "e-Flyers" sent to 3,000+ local Realtors, announcing the imminent launching of your property through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)


/ Direct mail promotion to approximately 500 are residents, interested Buyers and to my own extensive list of contacts of former customers and potential Buyers


/ Professionally produced photographic "Virtual Tours" highlighting the features of your home, as well as neighborhood amenities when appropriate. The Virtual Tour will be available on multiple websites, such as,, and other sites as well as through the MLS and featured on my own web-site


/ High quality "Fact Sheets" commissioned for Realtors and potential Buyers highlighting the most desirable features of your home




During the marketing period, I'll be following the Marketing Plan, aggressively promoting your home and giving you feedback every step of the way. Every time your home is shown to a potential Buyer, I follow up with a phone call to that Buyer's agent, to see if they will be making an offer, or if thay have any specific feedback regarding property condition, price, etc.


Such feedback/comments can prove to be invaluable, because they tend to redirect or refocus our marketing activities effectively. In some cases, we may mutually decide to adjust the asking price, consider additional repairs or upgrades, or offer special incentives or inducements to Buyers or their Agents.




We will evaluate written offers together, and you'll have the benefit of my years of experience in helping you make the decision that is in YOUR best interest. During contract negotiations, I'll advise you on imperative factors and present your counter-offers in the most favorable way possible.


After reaching agreement on the terms of the Sales Contract, I'll attend any inspections, monitor the satisfaction and removal of the Contract contingencies, facilitate any necessary repairs, and make sure that you perform on all of the promises you made. For Sellers who are staying in the area, this is usually is a good time for us to start looking for your next home!




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