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SO...........YOU WANT TO BUY...


......a house, a condo, a co-op, an investment property?

The process, and my assistance in helping you make your purchase, will usually follow a fairly "standard" procedure, but also be unique to your specific wants and needs







We'll meet in person and discuss your needs, your time frame, and your expectations. I help you assess your financial ability to purchase real estate. You tell me about your needs and expectations.


In a general way, we identify purchasing options and financial strategies that may be available to you. I preview the basic steps of the purchasing process if this is your first time buying real estate. Experienced buyers usually like to tell me about their previous real estate transactions, and I like to update them on any recent procedural or legal changes.


We need to start developing a level of trust, and an understanding of each other. It's important for you to feel comfortable with me, and you'll probably be able to make that decision after our first meeting. I understand this is about YOU, not what is most expedient or convenient for me.




Virtually every purchaser of Real Estate obtains loan pre-approval prior to looking at homes. I have long-term relationships with several lenders, and I can arrange to have you pre-approved for a mortgage.


Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to seek pre-approval on your own, through a financial institution with which you already have an established financial relationship.




Now we get to the fun part....actively looking for your new home. You may have previously gotten an overview of the market, from browsing on the Internet and dropping in on Open Houses.


But now that you have become more serious, it is time for us to look at prospective homes together. You should give me your honest feedback on the properties that we see. By combining your reactions and my 20+ years of experience, we determine with increasing accuracy what your real needs and priorities and standards are.


For many buyers, looking at properties is frequently a Values Clarification process – you think you know what you want, but then when you actually see and experience it, your feelings may be different!

In this way, you'll be confident in making realistic decisions about what you can do, and what you want to do.




When you want to make an offer to purchase a home, we establish your priorities and crucial terms, review your financial options, and identify ways to make your offer strong.


I will prepare the contract for your signature, contact the seller's agent, and arrange to present the offer on your behalf. Your needs are best served when I can present the offer in person to the Seller and their agent. Doing so allows me to answer any questions immediately, clear up any possible misunderstandings, and generally, make your offer sound irresistible to the Seller.


In the event that a Seller does not wish to have offers presented in person, I will thoroughly brief the Seller's agent to assure that they fully understand the terms you are proposing, and prepare a written Summary of the offer for the Seller.




Getting your offer accepted triggers many events for both the Buyer and the Seller! The Sales Agreement spells out who will do what, and when the deadlines must be met.


As a Buyer, you may be required to: purchase insurance, obtain a clean termite report, obtain condo or coop board approval, place additional funds in escrow, or satisfy outstanding lender conditions.


As your Buyer's Agent, I'll be helping you with these tasks,of course. I will also coordinate and attend your property inspection, facilitate the resolution of any repair requests, work with your lender to assure an acceptable property appraisal, suggest solutions to any appraisal problems, and make sure that all other contract contingencies are satisfied and properly removed.


You'll probably have many questions during this period, and I am always available for whatever needs that may arise.


My backstage team of professionals can relieve you of some of the ancillary tasks associated with moving, such as: utility hookups, moving estimates, scheduling local locksmiths, and even discounts with home improvement stores. You'll also be offered help by Weichert Gold Services, too. They can assist you with ancillary needs such as mortgages,insurance, etc.




This is you becoming the owner, and getting the keys to your new home!


Beforehand, I will preview you on what will happen at settlement and how much money you'll need to bring. I will be seated next to you at the settlement table to clarify any matters for you and help you address any last minute questions or issues that may arise.




I'll be following up with you a few weeks after settlement.This is a good time to give each other feedback and answer any questions that may have come up. I promise not to send you a silly newsletter each month. But from time to time, I'll send you invitations to my open houses, with the hope that you'll drop by and catch up with me, or send along a friend who might be interested.





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